"Let not the sands of time get in your lunch."



E.V. Knox is a Los Angeles based designer and multi-media visual artist. 

"I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA back in the 90's. Fantastic times. My mama was/still is an avid shopper and full of mischief. The fun kind. Definitely a bold woman, super hip and could never go anywhere alone. I spend most of my formative years in the passenger seat so that she could use the carpool lane to get to her meetings across town faster. That's how I got my Ph.D in celebrity brand marketing at such a young and volatile age;)  My dad is a mountain man, a rocker, a real estate broker; a real seeker and sorcerer of visual stimuli. He can find almost anything interesting...and from as early as I can remember, taught me how precious and fragile nature is. I went to Art Center College of Design and studied Fine Arts and Art Business, then moved to New York for a small bit. One of the biggest challenges of my young adult life. 

My grandpa, David Willardson is the true catalyst to me becoming an artist/designer. He is one of the kingpin's of airbrush . . . literally one of the pioneers of the art form in the 70's and 80's. My mom used to work at a desk in his studio when she was first starting out in her career, so I was constantly around creativity all the time. When i was 14, I asked him if he could teach me some painting techniques so that I could paint this image of one of my dad's electric stratocasters. Without a second of hesitation, he set me up with all the supplies and material I needed. From that day on it was clear as crystal what I was going to pursue in my life.

Ba Da Bing."