ARTIST DƏ ˈZHO͝OR: Channa Horowitz

I was lucky enough to meet and help install one of her last installations in Los Angeles before she passed away a few years ago, This woman was something else. Nothing short of an inspiration for leading such an unfettered ad prolific career.


She produced drawings, paintings, and installations using a rigid formal vocabulary of her devising, built on a standardized grid (that of graph paper) and a system of notations based on the numbers 1 through 8, each assigned its own color FOR OVER FOUR DECADES.

This system, which the artist termed “Sonakinatography,” was developed by Horwitz as a way of marking and expressing time, movement, and rhythm. 

Many of her works were originally intended as scores—detailed yet open-ended notations for dancers, musicians, and performers. The self-evidently labor-intensive and painstaking process of creating the drawings themselves suggests their additional role as records of the artist’s own time, labor, and thought.