Artist də ˈZHo͝or: Orion Martin

Absolutely Impossible not to see these remarkable objects in person. Actually. You shouldn't even look at the here. Well, look...and now make a calendar date to find out when and where his next exhibition is and go. Just go, No excuses. Not this time. There is no time. These are very urgent paintings. Be warned. Nay, be enlightened. 

Screenshot 2016-12-04 20.08.10.png

Dear Eczema,

Where were you? I went to the tarp like you said and I sat there for two hours. I got thirsty and went to get water. I left a note. I came back fifteen minutes later and waited another two hours.

I think I would have seen you coming or going when I got the water so I guess you just never showed up. What happened? What’s wrong? Where did you go? I am worried and afraid to call your house.


Nothing happened. I never went to the tarp. I didn’t want to see you. I don’t ever want to see you. I can’t explain, there’s nothing for me to say. Please don’t contact me ever again. You don’t

Eczema Song


Install View at Bodega,  New York, US

Install View at Bodega, New York, US