BOOK DƏ ˈZHO͝OR: Figures in Air: Micah Silver

I picked this up a little over a year ago, and haven't really been able to get through it in one pass. At all. It's actually quite embarrassing. But it's dense. I mean really dense. References that you have to look up before you continue or you'll just be left behind on the fantastic voyage. And I want in on the journey. So there. Thank you Micah. Challenge quickly and calmly accepted. 

A sound artist and super-theorist Micah Silver produces sound installations and writes about the impact of sound on human behavior and social space.

His research ranges from Yves Klein s Air Architecture to La Monte Young's Dream House, and culminates in a discussion of historically significant sound systems and their physical and experiential impacts (e.g., the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound custom PA).