pure T'RAUMA

An indian summer gone awry. 

What are you trying to say to me universe? What could have possibly been so bad in India that I couldn't even leave the airport and be forced back on a 16-hour flight back to LA? Why?! Basically the equivalent of 4 round trips from LA to NYC back to back.

The choreography of this dance when like this: 

I handed the man at the custom's counter my printed e-Tourist Indian visa and passport. He scans it over, then gets up and leaves for about 10 minutes. Luckily for me, there wasn't a mosh of people in line or it probably would've been 100x more miserable of a process. The man was smiling and pretty calm, so I had no reason to worry at that moment. After a few minutes I decided to ask what was going on and if everything was alright. As easily as he could've said "Honeybee, your breakfast is ready", he said "you can't stay in India, you have to go back to your country".

What did he just say? 

You know when someone calls you to tell you that someone had just died and you get a shooting ZING in your brain? I got THAT feeling...and then immediately threw up. Not rockstar style at all. 

Isolated, confused, frustrated, sick to my stomach.

My visa was rejected and I needed to apply for a new one. The process would take 72 hours and I'd have to go back to the states to figure it out. 


I'm the kind of girl that never takes no for an answer...Because there is always a way. Somehow. I even tried to bribe those little masters of deception...nothing. I had run out of options and never felt so defeated. I had mentally and prepared myself for this journey of enlightenment for months. To get so far to be forced out before the magic even had a chance to happen completely blew my candle out. 

I boarded the flight with a handful of tears and a backpack full of protein bars.

When I boarded the plane, one of the flight attendants asked me, "how was your trip?!" Half inaudibly I  replied, "what trip?! I didn't even leave the airport!"

Her mouth dropped to the floor. I immediately started to cry again. She took my hand and brought me to the front of the plane to see if the other flight attendants had any advice. They were about to close the doors for take-off...I knew my options were limited. The only thing to do was to go downtown Toronto to the Indian Consulate and try and find a way, any way. 

I knew there wasn't much more that I could do besides go back to my seat. I started to walk to my seat in the back of the plane in between two Indian women. As I got halfway down, the main flight attendant grabbed my hand and took me back to the front of the plane. She pointed to an empty seat in business class and said, "there's your new seat, it's the least I can do". *Queue eye waterfalls. 

I love Canadians. They are incredible and Canada Air rules

I took one of my emergency Ambien and passed out for as long as possible.

Immediately after we landed in the US I texted my best friends that I was supposed to meet up with in Nepal, "you'll never guess what just happened". 

What else is there really to say than, "holy shit." or "no. you're kidding". No no babes, not even close to kidding. 

I will say that I've listened to Hot Chocolate's "Everyone's A Winner" 5 times in the last hour and a half...and it's making this wound feel a lot better. 

This entire experience has been surreal. Hard to believe. A living nightmare.  I guess this one just wasn't in the cards...I wonder what Mama Universe was trying to protect me from...

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