If I'm not traveling or rollerblading, I'm drawing. I love getting in the frenetic mode of making. When it's just one gesture after the next. Almost metabolic. Then the selection process...pulling together all the drawings, paintings, doodles on napkins, photos of imprints or patterns in nature. The hardest part is editing down. What to leave out, what to keep. But that's the bread & butter. You've got to make some sacrifices. Shelf some ideas. Even a few good ones...for the greater good of what you're trying to achieve. There's nothing worse than looking at a body of work that has too many voices or influences. Well there are worse things...but that's pretty bad. Artist tip *File for later. Circle back. Amen. 

Everything is fair game. Watercolors, acrylic paints, Montana pens, the dog...

Dynamite. Pure Dynamite.

Kin in Downey Projects_2.jpg
Kin in Downey Projects_3.jpg